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Have you signed the petition to Save the Peninsula intensive development of public land without public voice? Great!

Are you wondering what else you can do to help?

Email the Hon. David Parker, Minister for the Environment at You can use the text below or write your own.

Dear Minister Parker,

I write asking you to deny consent for a project on Mt Crawford (Mātaimoana) site on the Miramar Peninsula (Motu Kairangi) applied for under this act by The Wellington Company and the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust. These parties have applied to you for permission to build 650-700 homes on 8 ha of the old Mt Crawford jail site and a cable car link to the waterfront at Shelly Bay.

The stated purpose of this Act is to "urgently promote employment to support New Zealand’s recovery from the economic and social impacts of COVID-19 and to support the certainty of ongoing investment across New Zealand, while continuing to promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources".

I believe this project flouts the purpose of the Act.

If you are not convinced of its worth, you will recommend the application go through the normal Resource Consent conditions allowing for the proper public input which I want.

My concerns under Section 19 of the Act, Whether project helps to achieve the purpose of the Act are:

  1. Economic benefits. In 2020 during the Covid pandemic when the Act was legislated, the effect on the economy was a concern. This is irrelevant now as the economy is robust and tradespeople are run off their feet.

  2. The social and cultural well-being of current and future generations. The application wants the current open space category to change to allow buildings up to 27 metres in height, visible to people right around the harbour capital city and suburbs replacing current pleasant views of green bush. Lack of public input for this project angers many. This is promoting cultural and social unrest.

  3. Contributing to well-functioning urban environments. The jail site is served by a narrow, winding, hilly road. It has 3 waters and electrical infrastructure for a small one-story high housing settlement for previous jail workers. This is no place for a major high-rise urban build-up for 700 houses. It will not function well.

  4. Providing infrastructure in order to improve….environmental outcomes…and indigenous biodiversity. The peninsula is now free of possums and mustelid predators. The bird life and other environmental gains have been spectacular. The rare karearea are thriving. The increased population and their domestic pets will reverse many environmental gains.

  5. Promoting protection of historic heritage.The site is close to sacred Maōri sites and other colonial historical structures. I can support low-rise housing for iwi members and buildings associated with an entry area for the proposed National Heritage Park on adjacent Watts Peninsula. I cannot support Intensive luxury high-rise accommodation for the wealthy: not the kind of housing we urgently need.

  6. Whether there is potential for the project to have significant adverse environmental effects, including greenhouse emissions. This is intensive greenfield development: Greenhouse-aware development should be located in walking distance of shops, schools, medical services etc. Many residents' cars will replace the little vehicular traffic at present. This will be climate-hostile.


For all the reasons above, this project will not help the purpose of the Act. I urge you to decline the application.

Yours faithfully

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